No social network assignment

Because you all have so much to do to finish your Wikipedia assignments, I'm dropping the social network assignment.

Final exam

Final exam 
Monday, 12/8 
5:30-8:30PM HH B103

Where you place your WP draft and reviews

You can put a pointer to your draft Wikipedia article as a new Forum topic in  See the entries for Common Ground, Ice Bucket Challenge, Functional Diversity & Groupthink as examples.  Your Wikipedia draft can be a pointer to your Wikipedia sandbox or some other public sources (e.g., a link to a Google doc)or even a word doc uploaded to the homework forum.

Which final assignment?

The last two topics for the Organizational Communication class will be about persuasion and social networks.  Either could have a interesting, written assignment, due the last week of class.  The social network assignment is described here.  The persuasion assignment is described here.

New recruit negotiation

We will discuss the "New Recruit" negotiation during class on Tuesday, November 4th.  

To complete the assignment, read and understand the information sheet sent to you by email, but don't share it with your negotiation partner.  By the end of the negotiation, you should have reached agreement on the eight elements listed in the Final Contract document, included with the recruiter's information sheet.  Send me the values you agreed upon by 9PM on Monday, Nov 3rd, using the format below:

Make sure Wikipedia spreadsheet is up to date

Please check the Wikipedia spreadsheet and make sure it correctly indicates who your partner is and it contains a link to the article you are editing.  That is, find your row in the sheet and make sure columns E and F are accurate.  I've entered information that I knew about your partner and article, but I may have gotten some of my updates wrong.

At this point in the semester, you should have a draft of your article posted on your WP sandbox.  I four new columns on the spreadsheet:

Coffee negotiation exercise

You are assigned to play the role of either Pat Hammer, VP of sales for Anderson Coffee, or Sandy Grant, Director of Food & Beverage at the Statler Hotel.  You are negotiating a vendor/buyer contract for supplying coffee to the hotel.  Your goal is to get the best "deal" for your company, which includes but is not limited to the price for the coffee.  

Research credit

Several students had questions about what they needed to do to get the Research participant pool bonus of 3% of your final grade.  First, I've been told that Org Com isn't listed as a course in the CBDR credit system.  I will try to get that changed, but if the bureaucracy isn't flexible enough, I'll just send out an email to students at the end of the semester, and you can report on the number of credits you earned.

Setting up appointments with the professor

I recommended in class that you and your Wikipedia teammate set up an appointment with me soon to help you identify the Wikipedia article you will work on for the rest of the semester or to get advice on how to approach your article.  Below are my available times for the next 7 days.  Send email to my assistant, Indra Szegedy <>, to set up a time to meet with me.

Clarification of Wikipedia assignment due week of 10/6

Your Wikipeida assignment this week is to post 15-20 good references relevant your WP article. The purpose is to make sure there is enough material to use for your article.  The assignment is for your Wikiepdia team (i.e., you and your teammate) and should be for the article that will propose to work on for the rest of the semester.  If you haven't yet nailed what your Wikipedia article will be, then postpone this assignment to find references.


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