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 Common Ground Christabelle Wong  ashecheerios  Alex Tsai  Alextsai cmu
Team Building  Al-Nassr, Noora  Nnassr  Fathima, Sana  sfathima138

Transformational Leadership

 Haluk Akay  akaychestnut  Benjamin Hong  bhongwiki
 Organizational Conflict   Stephanie Cheung  scheung2  Jamie Rupert  jrupert
Organizational Learning  Pasiliao, Allyn  apasilia  Simpson, Timothy  tmsimpso
Virtual Teams  Sengupta, Sachel sachels   Montgomery, Adam  ajmontgo
 Team Composition  Nicholson, Mackenzie  MknzNn    
Transactional Leadership Posney, Steve  sposney3  Mendelson, Jesse jmendelson87
Team Conflict  Segal, Karen  karsegal  Chinta, Ramya seasaltpitachips
 Ice Bucket Challenge  Douglas, Hannah  hsdouglas  Hacker, Emily  emilyhacker
 Functional Diversity Park, Mason   mwp2014  Kim, Hyun Doug  

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